iHeartfaces-Random Acts of Kindness


When I first got my camera, I was so excited!  I would be able to capture my kids growing up, my family, and all the fun things that go along with having kids.

As my talent grew, and more and more people were wanting me to take their pictures, I thought there may be some extra (very much needed) money in it too that may help our family.  We’re hard-working parents who would do anything to help our family, so this was a true blessing God had given me!

But, it never mattered what new skills I learned, or how many people are asking for sessions, I have always known that God had given me this talent for His glory.   I was given this skill to do something MORE with it than just make money (no matter how much it’s needed) and God had a purpose for me and my camera.

But even more important was my willingness to obey Him.

And He’s given me plenty of opportunities to practice my obedience:

024 DSC_4637 WEB

One of the areas has been Worship photography, and no, I’ve never received that phone call for me to come and shoot a service for anyone, I just show up to my Church events with camera in tow.  It’s just such a powerful moment, it’s capturing someone in their most vulnerable.  It’s not something I will ever make money doing……but again, it’s obedience to God’s call.  And the response to the photos has been amazing!

DSC_4822 WEB I do a lot of photos of my church.  I spend most of my time with my church family, so it’s natural for me to bring my camera.  Again, it’s not something I’ll make money doing, but it’s honoring my Savior to do this.  It’s a sacrifice of time to do them, and the least I can do for my Church.  I can work hard doing something I am good at.

And I’m always trying to give back to those that normally could not do something like this.  Heck, if God had not blessed me with this camera, I would never be able to do something like this!  So I always try to bless someone else with this gift that God has given me.  Those that do for others more than they do for themselves…..those are the ones I LOVE to bless!

DSC_4969 verse DSC_5058 WEB

But my biggest desire, my biggest dream would be to do Mission photography.  Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them, but I know God has put that longing there for a reason.  We are a visual people and we need to see what God is doing around us.  Last month, I was able to go on my first Mission trip and photograph what God is doing in Mexico:

DSC_2768 DSC_2795 DSC_2961 WEB

No, no one will probably ever call me to come and shoot their Mission trip, but I can dream……and I can continue to follow Christ.  Wherever He leads….I’ll go.

And my newest venture is shooting for Inspiration through Art:

The-Littlest-Heroes-Project-600x230 And I have my FIRST photo session coming up of a teenage boy that has battled Cystic Fibrosis all of his life, and against all odds, continues to live!  (I’ll blog this when I’m finished.  😉   )

And, I’ve been able to do Adoption photos for a friend who has adopted 4 CHILDREN!  With everyone, I’ve been able to photograph them on their special Day!  These are the last 2 she has adopted:

We are so full of getting ahead, getting more stuff, outdoing so-and-so……and all God has called us to do is LOVE EACH OTHER.  I won’t ever be a rich and famous photographer.    Most of what I do is a gift for other people anyway.

I’m loving others like Christ asked me to.

And that’s the biggest reward.


About Dana

I'm a wife and mother, SuperWoman, personal chef, taxi, Youth Sunday School teacher, washwoman, and CEO of everything in between. Who just happens to have a love for photography!
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