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One of my very favorite times of year is Youth camp with our church. Faithweek is very hard to put into words exactly what it means to me. I’ve worked with teenagers for years, I’ve watched them grow and succeed. And I’ve watched them fail miserably. But with each new set of teenagers that comes to Faithweek, I have hope. They leave their entire life behind them (along with their cell phones and facebook) and completely submerse themselves into growing their relationship with God. Faithweek is different than teaching them Sunday to Sunday at church, it’s 24-7 for that one week. It’s putting my own life on hold, it’s a sacrifice of a weeks’ worth of pay (some years for both Mike and I), time with my own family, and my own comforts…..and watching these teenagers mature spiritually. Some years have been really hard, and some years have been simply life changing, but every year it brings a smile to my face (and ibuprofen to my system HAAA!) to see the girls pile into the dorm, full of laughter, a little apprehension, and an expectation of meeting Christ in a whole new way!

This particular photo was taken on our last night of Faithweek 2010. It was a very emotional night for the entire cabin. It was our “safe zone” for anything to be confessed and for most of these girls, their deepest darkest secrets revealed for the first time in a safe place. It was a time to reveal hidden sins that have kept us back in life. We had no idea how the night would transpire, but for the cabin as a whole, it changed our lives. It gave us accountability with each other to continue our closer relationship with God, and it gave us relief to know that we weren’t alone. We all struggle and we all have sinned (Romans 3:23) but we all have hope (Romans 5:6).

(click on photo to view in full resolution)

This week’s theme at I β™₯ Faces is “A slice of life”, aka: photojournalism, aka: lifestyle photography. I love this type of photography! Unplanned…unrehearsed, unposed…..simply life as it happens. The girls in this photo are all over the place in their emotions and posture, one reason why I love it so much.


About Dana

I'm a wife and mother, SuperWoman, personal chef, taxi, Youth Sunday School teacher, washwoman, and CEO of everything in between. Who just happens to have a love for photography!
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25 Responses to iHeartfaces-Slice of Life

  1. Rachel says:

    This is a perfect moment. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful capture of emotion!

  3. Cecily R says:

    A beautiful capture–perfect for the challenge. πŸ™‚

  4. Stacey says:

    There are no words – but man, this picture has such emotion. And I love the little one watching the older girls praying. So sweet. πŸ™‚

  5. Really nice moment caught. Love it πŸ™‚

  6. Simple Girl says:

    I love their range of emotion and the processing is just right for this photo!

  7. I love this. I love that each and every one one of the girls are in their own little world and don’t seem to care and/or notice the camera out at all. Beautiful. πŸ™‚

  8. Rachel says:

    Love it. Have been there myself.

    And it is precious that Brooklyn is right in the middle of it πŸ™‚

  9. Helen says:

    Your intro plus the picture has brought tears to my eyes!

  10. What a fantastic thing to be a part of Dana. I love that you are able to participate in that. Beautiful.

  11. Chelle says:

    Dana… As a Christian woman myself, i love this and it warms my heart!

  12. A beautiful slice of Life Dana πŸ™‚

  13. Karin says:

    I so appreciate all the church workers who have poured themselves into the lives of my teens. I love this photo…

  14. Michele Q says:

    I just love how its all young girls. Great capture.

  15. Melissa says:

    Absolutely love what you’ve captured here! Wonderful!

  16. Leasa says:

    Beautiful photo. The way you captured the emotion of these girls was amazing.

  17. Kel says:

    Love this shot!!!! Great capture indeed!

  18. margaret says:

    What an amazing gift to those girls, the gift of your time. Such a wonderful photo capturing life and emotion. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Roberta says:

    Love this in black and white…keeps the eye on the “moment” of the photo and not on the subjects.

  20. Becca says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and I love it!

  21. Jenny says:

    awesome photo πŸ˜€

  22. Katarina says:

    I love this picture. It is stunning and captures the emotion of the room. Wow!

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