I ♥ Faces-YELLOW

This week at I ♥ Faces, the theme is YELLOW!  And today was a beautiful day, but spent doing a million other things, so I had to go back to the archives and edit an old photo.

Miss Brooklyn…..my amazing daughter God has blessed me with.

(Click on photo to see it in full resolution)

Who has God blessed you with?  Who makes a difference in your life?  Who do you make a difference for?

I love I ♥ Faces and I’m so sad I couldn’t make it out to San Antonio for their BIG workshop this weekend!  I’m so jealous!

EDITED TO ADD:  I just found out today that Brooklyn’s wonderful teacher nominated ME to receive a FREE housecleaning!  WOOHOO!!  So, if you have a second, would you pretty please vote for me?  All you do is click on this link:  “LIKE” the Tulsa Clean Team page, and then click on my photo on their page and “LIKE” my picture.  You don’t have to comment (she doesn’t count those), just “LIKE” my photo.  I just think it’s the SWEETEST thing for her to think of me!  And truth be told, I could certainly use it.  {sigh}  I’m so tired. Working 3 jobs is not an easy thing.  Thank you to EVERYONE for your sweet vote!

Tulsa Clean Team


About Dana

I'm a wife and mother, SuperWoman, personal chef, taxi, Youth Sunday School teacher, washwoman, and CEO of everything in between. Who just happens to have a love for photography!
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29 Responses to I ♥ Faces-YELLOW

  1. Rachel says:

    She’s beautiful! I don’t think you could go wrong ever shooting her. Wait… that sounded wrong.

    And you’ve been quite a jetsetter lately, girl! 😉

    Love this photo of your Miss Brooklyn. Dare I say I’d like to hug her? Because them are dangerous words around these parts – they have a way of coming true!

  2. Julie Rivera says:

    You were definitely missed in San Antonio, Dana! What a beautiful image of a beautiful blessing. I love the light in her eyes and her carelessly thrown, gorgeous hair. Very lovely!

  3. We are blessed with our children as well! quite a lovely shot

  4. Simple Girl says:

    Oh, so pretty! It totally makes me want to stop cutting our grass! 🙂 Your photos are always amazing!

  5. Beautiful….love your editing 🙂

  6. I love this shot, so sweet!

  7. Breanna says:

    this is great- super sweet shot!

  8. casey says:

    What a sweet, sweet photo! Love those beautiful curls.

  9. Beautiful! Love the glow!


  10. Linsey says:

    This is so gorgeous. Your daughter, the processing, the light! Just yummy!

  11. The picture is ADORABLE! EEEK! : ) And a housecleaning. How sensational would that be? Love it!

  12. Beautiful girl!!! Beautiful composition.

  13. klynnephoto says:

    Cute! Love the warm colors 🙂

  14. Jenny says:


  15. Love love LOVE the soft, pale colors! Screams SUMMER!

  16. Gorgeous!! Love this photo so much! Love the light haze and color treatment you did. great job!

  17. Sara says:

    Gorgeous photo! Love the soft colors and light.

  18. Steph M says:

    Awesome! I love the editing. It’s so ethereal.

  19. alice says:

    gorgeous! she should have on a little pair of cowboy boots :). such a beautiful photo!

  20. Lucy says:

    Dana, this photo is so so beautiful!

  21. Susan Dixon says:

    This is a wonderful photo….so honest and sweet! She is adorable. 🙂

  22. Gray Benko says:

    She is so beautiful, what a little angel!

  23. Umm hello can she be any cuter? Love it! Thank you for your kind words as always on my post. It was my first EVER I heart faces post that made me cry. Hang on to that precious one. She will be 18 before you can blink!

  24. Michelle says:

    Her face matches the color of yellow – gentle and sweet! Love it!

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  26. Jenny says:

    adorable photo 😀 i love the action you used (or how you edited it). it’s so very fairy princess 🙂

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