My name is Dana and I live in Owasso, OK with my handsome husband and 3 children.

Since this is the About Me section, let me tell you a little about ME.  I  love to laugh!  I love to hang out with my family, invite my friends over to kick off their shoes and climb up on my couch and relax and have a great chat with me.  I love my church, I love working with the teenagers in Sunday School, and I love being a counselor with them at Faith Week every summer.  I am still possibly afraid of the dark, have an odd aversion to tomatoes while loving tomato sauce, and I am terrified of spiders.  Bad.  Really bad.

I am a strong believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I am nothing without Him.  I enjoy my Quiet times everyday, and I’m on my 3rd time through the entire Bible in a year.   And I am a normal woman just trying to find her place in the world and fulfill the plans Christ has for me.  And possibly one of these days, I’ll be comfortable in my own skin.

So there you go….here is the official photography answer though:

When my children were younger, I had bad experiences with photographers and photography places. I wasn’t satisfied with my photos, I wasn’t satisfied with my service, and I was not satisfied with my selection. I used WalMart photo studios to do most of my pictures, and always used the coupon! But, only ONE pose and everything was limited. I couldn’t just pick which photo I wanted for the package, I was restricted. And if I purchased an extra 8×10…….$50 for that ONE 8×10!

So, when I started my own photography business, I decided I would be different. And here’s how:

  • I don’t go by hours. If we have light, let’s shoot! If we are there 2 hours and have more light available, let’s stay longer! Let’s play a little bit now that our time is supposed to be over, more lights a bonus! Let’s have fun with it! Some of the best photos I’ve taken were taken after the initial session was over. I usually only schedule ONE client per day to ensure that we have enough time and light and do everything we need to do.
  • I don’t count clothes changes. If we have the light and you want to change your outfit 40 times, great! Jump into something else! It will limit our photography options because we are limited on light, but I’m not going to charge you an extra “fee” because you changed outfits 4 times instead of 3.
  • I don’t have hidden “fees”. Sitting fee is $150. Period. Same fee for everyone. To offer my time and talent for portraits, the session fee is $150. If you have 3 people and not 2, session fee is still $150. If you have 9 people instead of 5, session fee is still $150. If we go over our allotted “2 hour session”, fee is still $150. Change clothes? Sitting fee is still $150.
  • I have custom pricing. This means, if you want a package, buy a package. If you want to pick out all of your prints separately, pick out your own photos and only pay for what you order. Ala carte is perfectly fine to order from without ordering a package. If you order a package, every photo in the package can be DIFFERENT. ( I KNOW!! Great huh?) The entire package does NOT have to be all the same photo! (You’re welcome.) I do charge $10 for shipping on ALL orders. I have to. I’m sorry. But still, NO other fees! I promise! (expedited shipping cost is $15. That’s FedEx.)  Minimum print order is $200.

I am good at what I do. My prices are not the cheapest, but neither are they the most expensive. I am constantly learning and my photography talent is always growing! In this over-saturated market of photographers with low-quality cameras and minimal talent, you don’t want the cheapest. You don’t want to settle. You want good, quality portraits. And you want to be satisfied. I will strive to ensure that happens.

And always watch for specials and deals and giveaways! And REMEMBER, if you refer a friend, you receive a FREE 8×10 and your friend receives a FREE 8×10!

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