Location suggestions

Realtors have long used this mantra to sell homes, but I’m stealing it.  ;)

It really is all about LOCATION when you are shooting portraits.  My goal is to always match the location with my subject.

Let me give you an example:

This is Boogie.  He is a dancer.  I would not stick him in a cowboy hat and boots and take him out to a rustic barn and shoot portraits of him.   (I’m sure he would rock those boots, but it doesn’t fit his personality.)

Some people are very versatile and I could probably shoot them anywhere, but you want the location to fit YOU.

So, in light of this, here are a few examples of locations that I use frequently:


When the leaves change, when the flowers are in bloom….parks are God’s natural backdrops!


I love the urban settings!  It’s modern, and edgy and just a little part of me wishes I was both!

(OK, yes, in hindsight, this may be one of my FAVORITE types of location!)


Vintage can be a very very simple location such as an open field of wildflowers, or a wooded area.  I’m not sure if it qualifies as a location, but it does have an amazing effect on the portraits!


So, here are a few ideas of some beautiful locations to help match your personality!  And if you have a location you’d like to work at, let’s give it a shot!  

2 Responses to Location suggestions

  1. Annette Loos says:

    Hi Dana,
    This is Sammy’s Mom. I have been looking at your pics on facebook and your site. They are awesome. Sammy’s sister Katie is a Junior this year and I would love to see what you would charge for pictures of her on Prom night April 23rd (yep it is the day before Easter). I thought maybe we could get some nice shots here at the house of her, her date and her friends. We have rented a limo and they will all meet here at our house for the pick up.
    Also, when would be a good time to schedule Katie’s senior pictures? We were not sure if we should do them this summer or in the fall. But I want to get on your schedule before you get to full.
    Plus would love to get some of Sammy during football and wrestling next year. You can call me or email. We can see what we can work out with schedules. But I can tell you we DO WANT you to do Katie’s and Sammy’s senior pictures. Your work is awesome.

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