What to Wear

Think coordinating, not matching!

Choose items with good color, texture (ie, knits, ruffles, denim) and accessories.


Newborns are pretty easy to style as we typically photograph them in the buff.  Bring a newborn hat, or headband for those sweet baby heads.  Add the bows or flowers to add texture and excitement!  I also like to have a lot of different wraps to swaddle baby.   To add that personal touch, bring scarves, favorite blankets, and don’t forget wedding rings of parents!  Think TEXTURE when choosing blankets and scarves!  Bring Grandma’s old quilt along too!

If you are not comfortable with your baby in the buff, there are adorable diaper covers to bring along.  And remember, no private areas will be shot or displayed.  If something is peeking out, the shot is deleted in camera.  Tutus are especially gorgeous for newborn girls as well!


Choose items with good color, texture (ie, knits, ruffles, denim) and accessories.  Choose the style of clothing your child enjoys wearing!  If they are not comfortable, it translates to the photos.   Long flowy skirts for girls, dark jeans for boys.  Rich colors and textures photograph well.

Teens and Seniors:

Think layers, accessories, comfortable, deep, rich colors, and TEXTURES!  For ladies, a dress if that is what is comfortable….flowy, ruffles, great heels.  Again, think of what you enjoy wearing, don’t vary from your style, if you enjoy more skater, then dress for that style.  If you are more prep/jock, dress appropriately!  This is about you and YOUR style.


This is MOST important:  you do not have to all wear the same exact outfit!  Coordinate COLORS, not outfits.   Look for rich textures and colors.  Make sure all the colors and outfits fit well together and are in the same color pallet.  Lay them all out together and see if anything stands out from the rest, if it stands out, it will draw attention away from everyone else.   Try to match styles as best as you can as well.  You don’t want Dad wearing a suit and son is wearing play clothes.  Try to find a happy medium.

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